Admission Procedures

        The school announces the admission open as per the seat availability in each grade. Once the admission Open Announces, the parents who want to admit their wards need to follow the following steps: 


        • Collect the admission form along school’s prospectus and other documents from the school office or download the admission form from the school’s website. 

        • Get proper information about the transport route from transport department.

     • Submit the application form, duly completed in all respects along with all the documents mentioned above.


    Once the admission form is submitted, 

    For classe 1 

        • The interview date and time will be given. There will be oral test that focuses on Logical/Basic Mathematics skills, general language concept of English and Nepali on the same day of interview. This interview is with I Care In-charge, Block In charge and Vice-Principal. This interview will include parents/Guardians and prospective student. 

    For classes 2 to 8 

    • The date and time of placement test (English, Maths and Nepali- for Nepali Students whereas for foreigners English and Maths only) will be given to the students. And after third days of the test, the result of the test will be announced in the school’s websites. 

    • Once the students able to complete the placement test, he/she needs to sit for an interview with I-Care In-charge, Block In-charge and Vice-Principal respectively. This interview will include parents/Guardians and prospective student. 


    • After an interview, in timely manner, the principal’s secretary/receptionist contacts the parents/guardians to inform them of BMS’s decision regarding their child. 


    • Once the child is accepted at BMS, financial agreement is then done within the 7 days. And officially, the child will be admitted. And also bus pass and other details will be issued. 

    • Parents must submit the original Annual Report card along with character certificate once the school reopens. 

*** The school authority reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate. ***